selling your children's pre-loved clothes

We understand how busy family life can be, so we've made it as easy and convenient for you as possible to sell your pre-loved children's clothes with us.

  • Here are the steps:

    1. Drop us a message using the contact form to give us an idea about how many items you want to sell, where you will be dropping them off (you do this via your hub), and when, so we know we need to make a collection.

    You can sell any items of children’s clothing from 0-5years (apart from underwear) and we accept all brands. We just ask that you check your items to make sure they are washed and in a condition you would be happy to accept as a buyer.

    Just a heads up that we may suggest bundling together items that are Primark or other supermarket brands when we list them.

    2. Package your items and include your name (either clearly written on the package or on a note inside), and leave in the labelled container at the drop off point at your hub.

    Once we have checked your items we'll contact you via the email address provided to make a suggested listing price for each item. (If there are any items we think we can't sell because of their condition we'll let you know at this point and will then drop back at the drop off point for you to collect.)

    3. Reply to us to confirm you're happy to accept the listing price.

    If you don't want us to list your items you can let us know and we will drop them back to you via your drop off point. We will then photograph and list your items on our Shop page.

    4. Once sold, we will organise delivery to your buyer’s ‘hub’ for them to collect.

    5. You get paid! We will confirm the sale of your item(s) with you by email, and ask you your preference for transferring funds (either direct bank transfer or PayPal, you'll just need to share details).

    Our returns policy means that buyers have up to 14 days to request a refund if for any reason they're not happy with the item they've bought, so you'll receive your % of the sale into the account details you have provided after 14 days.

    Here's how we split the proceeds of each item sold:

    50% to you as the seller
    25% to the carousel to go towards running costs
    25% to our ‘community pot’ to be shared with our nursery/pre-school partners

    We are operating a not-for-profit business so we will only use our share of the profit to cover our running costs and the rest goes back into the community

    For more detail on how we split our profits and what we use funds for, please see the FAQ page.