• I’m Kate – mum of Luca and Alba, living in Colliers Wood.

    Luca & Alba are both under 3, so I’m still getting to grips with the many varied challenges (as well as the rewards!) that parenting brings.

    And I’m sure like many parents, I’ve also started to think about the big picture: namely the kind of world my children will be living in, as they grow up and step into adulthood themselves.

    And to be honest, again like many others, right now I don't feel positive about what that world looks like. Emerging from a pandemic that has forced us to reflect, it’s crystal clear to me that we are in the middle of several other crises: the cost of living is spiralling, communities are becoming less personal and more divided, and our planet is increasingly threatened by its greatest ever challenge…global warming.

    So instead of burying these issues, I want to be part of solving them in my own small, but hopefully impactful, way.

    Becoming a parent also exposed me to another common issue which ties in with the above – and that’s the volume of children’s clothes we’re accumulating as our little ones grow. And the unfortunate reality is that these clothes are only worn a few times or go entirely unused. As these stats confirm...

    The average child goes through 1000 (!) items of clothing before reaching adulthood

    90% of this clothing only gets worn a handful of times before going to landfill

    One-third of UK parents admit to simply throwing clothes away

    The huge amount of waste as a result of this – which we’ve all been guilty of - naturally has a negative financial and environmental impact on all of us.

    And this is why I’ve come up with the carousel.

    The carousel is a not-for profit marketplace that unites local nurseries and pre-schools by geographical area, allowing families to conveniently and affordably buy and sell pre-loved and unspoilt children’s clothing within their communities, and consequently keeps clothing in circulation (and out of environmentally-destructive landfills).

    And importantly, by participating in this, you’ll also be contributing to your community – as the proceeds that the carousel generates will help fund projects and resources with a sustainability focus for your local nurseries and pre-schools.

    My hope is that people will connect with, embrace, and enjoy the experience of shopping local pre-loved items. As a result I hope that this encourages us all to adopt new habits, teaching our children how to be responsible and careful with our resources to protect our planet for their children's children.