what we do

We're an online marketplace for the buying and selling of pre-loved children's clothes. We connect local families via nurseries & pre-schools and our profit goes directly back into your community.

Working with local nurseries and pre-schools who act as our 'hubs' we are able to provide a secure location for their families to drop off and collect items. This enables us to circulate outgrown and unwanted pre-loved clothes within the local area and a trusted circle of families like you.

We do all the hard work for you, collecting the clothes you want to sell and listing them on our pre-loved online shop, and distributing them to your buyers (other local families), all via our 'hubs'.

We split the profits with you 50/50, with our half going towards a ‘community pot’ which is shared with all our nursery and pre-school partners to fund projects and resources with a sustainability focus, so our children are seeing the benefit.

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how it works

  • Step 1

    Pre-loved clothing is dropped at a family’s ‘hub’ (their nursery or pre-school) to be collected by the carousel

  • Step 2

    The carousel photographs & lists items on the marketplace for local families to browse

  • Step 3

    Items are purchased and the carousel delivers to the buyers ‘hub’ (their nursery or pre-school) for them to collect

  • Step 4

    For each sale, the seller receives 50% of the total. Of the remainder, 25% goes to the community pot and 25% to the carousel

  • Step 5

    The community pot is shared between all nursery & pre-school partners so local families benefit directly

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why we are different

  • the ultimate convenience

    We'll do all the hard work for you by photographing/listing your items, then packaging & delivering to your buyer's hub. All you need to do is drop your pre-loved items at your nursery or pre-school drop-off point (you're going there anyway!).

  • affordable

    Working with the nurseries & pre-schools in your area to enable local hubs for collection and delivery, means there is no delivery charge for buyers, so you're only paying for the item you're purchasing.

  • kind to our planet

    By buying & selling pre-loved clothes we’re able to keep items in circulation & out of landfill for longer.

    And by keeping things local by managing collections & deliveries via our hubs, we’re also reducing the environmental impact of posting lots of parcels.

  • rewarding

    You're able to earn some cash, & with every sale you're putting some of the profit directly back into your community by funding sustainably focused projects at your children's nursery or pre-school. Meaning they’re seeing the benefit too.

    more info on where your money goes 
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